Dream #2216

looking behind, I am filled with gratitude, looking forward, I am filled with vision, looking upwards I am filled with strength looking within, I discover peace

- - -


Dream #2215

my beautiful girlfriend delights me to a place of ecstatic joy, i love her with all my heart it feels so meant to be we have so much in common we talk and laugh endlessly we share our thoughts and feelings and love to spend lots of time together we flirt and joke around. she is so smart and seeks truth in esoteric and spiritual teachings. i have so much fun when i'm with her she makes me feel so free and loved.

- - -


Dream #2214

I met a girl a year back and we started up the greatest relationship ever. She dumped me. One year later and my heart burns. I can literally feel the emptiness within. But. But then I think about her, and what we could be together. I don't care what happens in this life, and I don't care if I have no money, no house, NOTHING... I just want her. I want to be married to her. I want to wake up next to her every morning before work, and just talk to her. Listen to her. I want our child(ren) to run into the room every morning, smiling, embracing us. This is my dream. This is my dream... And it is here. It's about time I've won. CML+DMR

- - -



Dream #2212

I want for a world where my son may know true peace an may cherish life so preciously

- - -

Dream #2211

I have her back. 
She's here again. 
She's whole again.
Things are like they used to be.

- - -


Dream #2210

I love and accept myself unconditionally. I am worthy of good things in life and I happily accept them.

- - -
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