Dream #2213

We sold our home in Montana and moved to coastal Oregon.

- - -


Dream #2212

I want for a world where my son may know true peace an may cherish life so preciously

- - -

Dream #2211

I have her back. 
She's here again. 
She's whole again.
Things are like they used to be.

- - -


Dream #2210

I love and accept myself unconditionally. I am worthy of good things in life and I happily accept them.

- - -

Dream #2209

I am the Evil overlord, ruler of the multiverse

I have a harem composed of the most beautiful creatures in the universe.

I strike fear into my enemies, and and am respected by the few i call allies.

All shall remember me, for i shall change the world.

- - -


Dream #2208

He goes away. We never hear from him again. He lives his life. He moves on. We no longer have to deal with his advances. He goes away. He does his own thing and has no more contact with us. We never hear from him again. He goes away and we never hear from him again.

- - -

Dream #2207

I have a great apartment and am financially stable. I am in the best relationship in my life with complete love trust and communication.I am with someone who puts me first and we trust each other completely.I am starting my family and have great support from my partner his family and mine. I am healthy and in the best shape of my life. I am at peace and enjoy my life.

- - -
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