Dream #2183

the universe provides me abundance and riches, IN MY LIFE.

- - -


Dream #2182

We're pulling into the drive of the wonderful house we call home.

- - -


Dream #2181

I grow beautiful and exotic plants to give back the beauty we have taken from our planet.

- - -


Dream #2180

I am with her and very happy

- - -


Dream #2179

I am moving in with the guy I have been waiting for all my life. I'm pregnant and we are getting married right away. My family loves him. He is so honest and kind and my best friend. Thank you.

- - -


Dream #2178

I am in love. it is true love this time and it feels great. i already have good friends and coworkers. He always has my back and it so easy this time. He is the most honest caring loyal fun man. I am at piece as we are getting married soon. i feel great about every aspect of my life.

- - -

Dream #2177

i already have the job of my dreams and in the best shape in my life. i really have! dwayne has gotten his stuff together. He is making things right. i have moved back in the apartment and we are getting along so much better. Our love is so strong. Sophie is doing well on her own and im finally in the position to start a family.

- - -
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